Episode 4 - The Final Week

Episode 4 - The Final Week

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Episode 4 of Good Night and Good Luck, the radio program of Università Bocconi Television and Culture's students produced in partnership with Radio Bocconi, is the last one to be recorded before the Election Day of November 3rd. While providing a broad focus on the current affairs and the state of the race for the White House, it provides also some special insights on US Politics and on past Elections as well.

In the episode

- An interview with Mr Kevin Sheridan, former spokesperson ... See More


  1. 04:48
    2012 vs 2020: an interview with Kevin Sheridan, former Communication Director for Paul Ryan - by Lavinia Cichella
  2. 12:29
    2016 vs 2020: an interview with Liliana Faccioli Pintozzi, Sky TG 24 correspondent - by Sofia Rosti and Maria Vittoria M
  3. 22:24
    The aftermath of the Final Presidential Debate - by Giulia Santorum (Team Trump), Sofia Rosti (Team Biden) and Anita Mon
  4. 36:40
    The threat of Foreign interferences in US Elections - by Marianna Manoukian (Team Foreign Affairs) and Alessia Ginghiali
  5. 44:02
    Polls Update: Swing states, the Senate and the House - by Ennio Terrasi Borghesan and Lidia Schwarz (Team US Affairs)

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